Meet the people in Abodoo

Vanessa Tierney


Lives and breathes remote working and enjoys meeting highly skilled professionals wishing to loose the commute. When not on a video call from the East Coast of Ireland, Vanessa is enjoying life with her young family and pets.

Ben Wainwright

Cofounder & CTO

Driven to solve problems and create disruptive products. Borderline obsession for smart working & playing Guitars. Adores his family. A Bubble blower not burster.

Sue Marshall


Travelled for work for more years than she cares to remember. Now passionate about Smart Working. Sue believes that everyone has the right to work regardless of their personal circumstances and is on a mission to help make smart working a reality for everyone.

David Norton

CFO (non-exec)

The strong silent type and very good with numbers!

Louise O'Conor


Passionate about travelling, tech, education, diversity, mentoring, disrupting markets & making ideas happen. 16+ years' international experience digitally transforming & scaling businesses... on a mission to get the world #SmartWorking

Valentina Magli

Customer Success & Digital Sales

Passionate about smart working and travelling after working in Irish tech companies for 12 years.  A Strong believer in flexibility and equal opportunities, nature lover and music journalist. Valentina sees smart working as the future of work and as a solution to housing and environmental issues around Europe.