Meet the people in Abodoo

Vanessa Tierney

Lives and breathes remote working and enjoys meeting highly skilled professionals wishing to lose the commute. When not on a video call from the East Coast of Ireland, Vanessa is enjoying life with her young family and pets.

Ben Wainwright
Cofounder & CTO

Driven to solve problems and create disruptive products. Borderline obsession for smart working & playing guitars. Adores his family. A Bubble blower not burster.

Sue Marshall

Travelled for work for more years than she cares to remember. Now passionate about Smart Working. Sue believes that everyone has the right to work regardless of their personal circumstances.

Dominic Hollywood

Believes employers should have better access to a global talent pool as sourcing and hiring the best talent becomes increasingly challenging. When not helping to match SmartWorkers with their ideal employer, Dominic is a keen runner and music enthusiast.