Geo Matching

Redeployment is a critical decision for leaders that don’t want to lose their best people who know the enterprise so well. Geo Matching is an inclusive matching ecosystem that can integrate with your HR Tech and support anonymised reduced bias internal skills matching. Enabling people no matter where they are in the enterprise to be discovered based on the skills first in a process that supports diversity and equality.

Geo Matching provides you with
Geo dashboard -
a customised dynamic dashboard that integrates with your HR Tech system
Internal skills matching platform -
an inclusive matching algorithm that shows anonymised internal matches to Hiring Managers based on skills first
Anonymity to reduce bias -
Putting the employee in the driver's seat they can view the opportunity, understand the potential match and decide to go into process.
Hiring Manager portal -
create skills requests and see instant anonymised matches before publishing an internal opportunity
Location agnostics -
Capturing new world of work data such as work location and style preference and making it available in the match.

Advance your internal diversity hiring

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