Geo Insights

In this new world of work, location has lost its relevance for skills identification. It is likely that at least a quarter of your people are considering relocating. So what does this mean for leaders? Global workforce mobility will be a rising trend and so having visibility on the geos of your teams and the power to map against your existing databases of talent will help identify skills gaps, clusters, lower hiring costs and ultimately discover incredible talent.

Geo Insights provides you with
Geo dashboard -
a customised dynamic global map dashboard that integrates with your HR Tech system
Skills mapping of global workforce -
global footprint of the geos and key data points of your teams all anonymised
Skills insights for filling gaps -
have the right data to lower attrition and implement effective learning and re skilling programmes
Skills mapping of external pools -
visualising your incredible asset for new talent identify skill clusters from candidates already engaged with.
Instant search and reporting -
smart insights, dynamic comparisons and instant output for fast accurate decision making.

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