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Vanessa Tierney

- CEO and Founder

In 2017 - traditional job platforms did not meet the new world of work data points and had a bias. Abodoo matching platform was developed to create a fair marketplace for companies and people to be matched and connected.

Fast forward to 2020 - As a result of the pandemic, remote was now to become the mainstream and Abodoo identified the potential was in white labelling the matching technology to government, education and eventually enterprise who were seeking a more inclusive match that was built for the new world of work.

The immediate opportunity was to support these markets with skills data that could create jobs, re-skill accurately to lower attrition and unemployment and so Geonostics was born - a dynamic visual dashboard that would showcase simply multiple data sets both public and private providing instant reporting so key strategic recruitment, investment and education decisions could be made.

Abodoo matching was then integrated with Geonostics mapping so that as individual users create their skills profile if they wanted to be discovered they could be. Governments could now see the potential of citizens having the opportunity to stay in the region and work for a company anywhere in the world. Traditional job platforms were not fit for purpose so Abodoo matching integrated with mapping provides real-time data with economic impact.

For 2022 we will focus on giving the greatest level of service to our three market segments;

Abodoo Government  will continue to combine multiple data sets and has started to extend beyond skills to encompass social infrastructure and a layer of consulting that will support key investment decisions such as the future location of co-working spaces, housing and connectivity.

Abodoo Education is evolving, using Geonostics to combine both the skills gaps, future skills and blend it with career data sets so Universities can identify future curriculum development that will connect closer with industry.

Abodoo Enterprise is taking our matching and mapping technology to companies that are challenged with skills shortages and rising attrition. Together we can reverse the Great Resignation by supporting reskilling, redeployment and recruitment.

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Lower attrition fast by having the skills intelligence for mapping and matching
Skills audit your organisation to avoid the big resignation. Gain insights on the current skills pipeline, map against future skills and internally match with reduced bias to get the competitive edge.  And yes we guarantee results*
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Abodoo is the leading global talent mapping platform that reduces attrition and future proofs your organisation’s skills and inclusivity. 
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Our mission is to help you transform multiple data into a visualised skills powerhouse that will give you the competitive edge for your students, employees and regions.