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Update for 2022

Dear Business Leader

We started out with a mission to inclusively match people with employers that believed office walls were not essential for success. Yes this was 2018 (pre-pandemic) and rather than selling our skills matching technology we spent our time educating on the benefits of remote, hybrid, flexible whatever you want to call it. It was exhausting! 

Fast forward two years and 2020 catapulted every enterprise into the greatest global remote experiment with only days' notice. We knew immediately as we had experienced it that once people go remote they will always want it in their working life at least a percentage of the time. You can’t give freedom and then take it away and expect everyone to say “sure”! 

For Human Resource rising attrition was inevitable as people not only reconsidered their working model but also what they are doing given. 

On the flip side the tools available to Human Resources were not built for this new world of work. Yes there was skills data but the insights needed to move fast, be competitive and make the right people decisions were absent. The question we asked was what if the right skills data could be visualised to support not just HR but the C suite in effective reskilling, redeployment, recruitment and reverse the great resignations that were coming. 

Furthermore and this is where we got really excited, our skills matching platform that was built with hybrid models in mind could evolve to be an internal tool that would sit on top of the existing HR Technology and be the ultimate inclusive skills matching ecosystem to support diversity and global workforce mobility. 

During 2020 we worked like crazy on our skills mapping and matching technology and knowing that enterprises were in freeze mode we piloted it with government and educational bodies who wanted to get a grip on their skills so they could drive inward investment or develop curriculum to meet the future needs of industry. Boom, it took flight! 

So now we are ready to bring our skills mapping and matching technology to enterprises who really put their people first and see value in reskilling and effective redeployment rather than resignations. That embrace the new world of work revolution and embrace hybrid or remote. 

We have such confidence that our technology will have the desired impact in lowering attrition and give you an amazing return on investment that we have an insane guarantee that no other HR Technology is offering.

Our offering 

Lower attrition fast by having the skills intelligence for mapping and matching
Skills audit your organisation to avoid the big resignation. Gain insights on the current skills pipeline, map against future skills and internally match with reduced bias to get the competitive edge.  And yes we guarantee results*
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Global 100 Leader Survey 2022 revealed top needs for Enterprise

Accurate data on future critical skills
Lower attrition through impactful reskilling
Skill gap analysis for today and the future
Inclusive internal matching system
Insights tool to support board meetings
Accurate visualised data on new market skills and earnings data
Abodoo is the leading global talent mapping platform that reduces attrition and future proofs your organisation’s skills and inclusivity. 
A SaaS Skills integration platform that revolutionises your HR Tech for the new world of work
Our mission is to help you transform your data heavy HR Technology into a visualised skills powerhouse. With simple SaaS integration you will revolutionize your enterprise for the new world of work.