Meet the founders

We have literally lived the new world of working life for the best part of a decade. Our combined experience of blended work lifestyles and belief in the remote working way of life lead the way to forming Abodoo. The traditional working model of 9-5 Mon - Fri was in need of a shake-up and with the advent of improved technologies over the last five years, the opportunity to truly have a thriving and professional career that you could maintain from almost anywhere made total sense to us. The purpose of the Abodoo platform is to enable EVERY person to have the support and opportunity to live their best lives in a sustainable world.


Vanessa Tierney - Chief Executive Officer
Ben Wainwright - Chief Technology Officer
Fiona Whelan - Chief Marketing Officer 
Sonale Sethi - Head of Operations
Nino Kovziridze - Head of Partnerships

Global Advisory Team

Donough Foley - Government
Bill Condon - Business