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Skills Development 

  • Skills and Knowledge gap analysis including upskilling, re-skilling, career transition-based skilling coaching
  • Support graduates by accessing skill-based e-learning & identify skills clusters for economic development
  • Matching skills with employer requirements
  • Skills mapping
  • Strategically plan curriculum and micro credential-based learning
  • Recommended learning through Corporate Trend analysis and trend prediction-based learning recommendations

Human Capital/Skills Development 

  • Economic diversification by tracking the upskilling, re-skilling people & connecting them to thriving industries
  • Driving regional hiring and regional Foreign Direct Investment
  • Provide Industry forecast-based career guidance about the future skills & jobs
  • Anonymous profiling to enable diversity and inclusion as a way to broaden skills pools
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 Socio-Economic Impact

  • Track world education trends to develop and provide a competitive edge to Irish education system 
  • Promote Irish education and skills to the world and attract foreign direct investment and earnings for office and remote jobs
  • Plan data driven infrastructure and policies to generate employment and boost industries
  • Anonymous profiling to enable diversity and inclusion as a way to broaden skills pools
  • Redistribute the workforce and build sustainable remote working communities
  • Strategically plan for digital hubs, connectivity and housing
  • Promote inclusivity by attracting international students to study and work in a region
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Leaders who champion flexible working

"I definitely think SmartWorking and what Abodoo is doing will be really attractive for Workers. If you think about the employers problems of getting access to talent, they can look at the flexible policy and ask can the work be done remotely"
Anne O'Leary - CEO
"Super Charge Your Remote Working opportunities With Abodoo and see instant results"
John Riordan
“I was amazed at how quickly we saw results. I would absolutely use Abodoo again”
David Booker, CEO
"So easy to use! Registered, uploaded the job and received ten instant matches - hired two! I cannot recommend Abodoo highly enough"
Mark Herbert
"Not only did we discover a wealth of untapped talent, we also gained valuable insights into professionals living in our area"
Tony Larkin - Council Director
“Traditional sourcing channels don’t lend themselves to the complexity and variables across location, connectivity speed and candidate expectations. Abodoo’s SmartWorking Tech platform means candidates registering are right for our client from the outset”
Polly Evans - Senior Recruitment Manager
"The landscape is most definitely changing, its becoming a more flexible workplace, people don't want to spend two hours in traffic everyday"
Margot Slattery - Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer
"The time is exactly right to bring together SmartWorking for corporates globally and a new and modern workforce that want to work very differently" Denis Creighton CEO Managed Business Solutions & Outsourcing at Fexco
Denis Creighton - CEO Managed Business Solutions
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