Affiliates / Partners

At Abodoo the best recommendation we can hope for is from our clients and candidates; referrals and recommendations are the lifeblood of any business and we are no exception. We want to actively reward our promoters and have created an Abodoo Affiliate Ambassador program. Our AAA team use their own existing networks to recommend businesses to register with Abodoo and candidates to upload their details when looking for a remote role.

We reward our AAA team each time a candidate and employer are matched and the successful candidate completes their probationary period. This means that each time there is a placement you receive a payment; all for recommending Abodoo to your network. It couldn’t be easier. We support our AAA team with marketing, lead generation and positive case studies alongside the free to access and zero risk registration.

Our site is something special, different for a number of reasons, to the job sites which both businesses and candidates are used to. Traditional key word matching is a thing of the past. We look beyond the basics and have a set of complex algorithms which means that there is a very high standard of matching. This reduces man hours in HR and Recruitment Departments, saving time, money and energy. The site sells itself. All our AAA team need to do is have their connections and network give it a whirl.
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