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Abodoo is the dedicated remote working platform for people and business.

‘Abodoo’ combines (Abode) meaning home, and (Do) meaning work productivity - that’s why we say “Work Smart, Live Smart”. The job market is changing faster than ever before. Abodoo is a platform that empowers people and businesses with SmartWorking - helping companies become more agile and adaptable, and people to provide and improve their skills virtually in their remote careers.

Changing the world one job at a time

Work life harmony is at the core of our values. In the busy twenty-first century, time is more valuable than ever to humans, for the things that matter outside of work. We see SmartWorking as the ultimate solution to the faster pace and less hours conundrum. By giving people back the time that they spend commuting to traditional jobs they can instead invest those hours back into their own lives with their loved ones and the things that inspire them.

Everybody has the right to work in a job that meets their needs, we absolutely believe that and it is why we developed a reduced bias matching algorithm doing our bit to improve equal access to jobs.

"It’s not about who you know, or where you live. What matters is that your skills and preferences are suitable for a role”

We are committed in other areas too…


We aim to help decrease emissions and pollution in the environment through reduced commuting. We aim to help lower the world’s carbon footprint by enabling companies to reduce their need for office sqm energy sources.


We are working with governments and local enterprises to create opportunities in both urban and rural communities. We are closely aligned to help promote regions to International companies looking to establish their next HQ or office location.


We are affiliated with providers bringing high-speed connectivity to rural locations. We support the EU incentives to bring high speed broadband to all homes and businesses by 2020.


We are empowering communities to stay together by enabling professionals to work from home and coworking spaces. This in turn helps to stimulate local economy and has far reaching improvements for families and locally driven schemes. The next generation can only benefit and the diaspora can return home.


Public transportation and infrastructure can be affected by network strikes, maintenance, or adverse weather conditions delaying employee commutes. Smart Working protects companies from such outside interference. Smart working locations as part of a remote working strategy can eliminate traffic congestion and unnecessary commuting. Our smart working strategy guides are available to companies on request.

This is the Abodoo vision and with you we can make it happen.

Abodoo is powering the new world of work

We aim to support smart working businesses and professionals through forums, expert advice centres and a whole host of free to access training. Register, sign in and stay connected!