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We take pride in bringing you the most relevant information and skills that you need to ensure happiness and productivity in your work and home life. We recognise the human potential and are committed to investing in your growth.
 There are no barriers here and we are truly committed to being fully inclusive and welcoming of all.  We look forward to working with you, learning from you and responding to you.
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About us

Abodoo was founded with People at its heart. Our business purpose is to provide you with a learning and support platform for the new world, ensuring that everyone is equipped with the skills, knowledge and help they need to thrive in the new world of work.


Our mission is to provide people with the ability to live and work a life where it makes them happiest and ensures greater inclusivity in this new world of work and learning. Our dream is to leave no one behind and to use our resources to empower everyone to have their own home (abode) and opportunity to work (do).  We do this using amazing technology, talented teams, inspiring training and virtual training environments. Our passion is helping people from emerging markets have the light shone on them


We ensure all our decision making aligns with our values:

People First: as a human centric company we ensure equality and diversity are at our core.

Power in Potential: with the right support and guidance we unleash each other’s superpowers.

Prepare for Green: sustainability is at our core and identifying green jobs that support a better world.

Profit after happiness:  when you love what you do you will never work another day

Passion for our world: helping others to see the impact we can make collectively

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What People Say About Abodoo

"The time is exactly right to bring together SmartWorking for corporates globally and a new and modern workforce that want to work very differently" Denis Creighton CEO Managed Business Solutions & Outsourcing at Fexco

Denis Creighton - CEO Managed Business Solutions

John Riordan

"Super Charge Your Remote Working opportunities With Abodoo and see instant results"

“I was amazed at how quickly we saw results. I would absolutely use Abodoo again”

David Booker, CEO

"So easy to use! Registered, uploaded the job and received ten instant matches - hired two! I cannot recommend Abodoo highly enough"

Mark Herbert

"So easy to use! Registered, uploaded the job and received ten instant matches - hired two! I cannot recommend Abo"Not only did we discover a wealth of untapped talent, we also gained valuable insights into professionals living in our area"doo highly enough"

Tony Larkin - Council Director

“Traditional sourcing channels don’t lend themselves to the complexity and variables across location, connectivity speed and candidate expectations. Abodoo’s SmartWorking Tech platform means candidates registering are right for our client from the outset”

Polly Evans - Senior Recruitment Manager

"The landscape is most definitely changing, its becoming a more flexible workplace, people don't want to spend two hours in traffic everyday"

Margot Slattery - Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer


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