Over 70% of employees are reconsidering when and where they work.  The world is now a global marketplace for opportunities.  Attrition is rising at an alarming rate.  So what can leaders and education do?


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Abodoo is the leading global skills mapping platform that reduces attrition and future proofs your organization and education’s skills and inclusivity. 

A skills data intelligence platform that revolutionises your insights  for the new world of work and learning. 

We future proof skills and foster inclusivity for enterprise, government and education 
Lower attrition fast by having the skills intelligence for mapping and matching
Skills audit your organisation to avoid the big resignation. Gain insights on the current skills pipeline, map against future skills and internally match with reduced bias to get the competitive edge.  And yes we guarantee results*
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Audit your skills to find your value in this new world of work
Uncover critical future skills to develop world class curricula
Combining powerful multi-layered skills data insights to ensure an agile response to the needs of industry and growth in student attraction.

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Skip the guesswork, trial and error of trying different technologies and programmes to lower attrition. Instead focus on growing your people business with a proven skills mapping and matching platform (not hopes and prayers) 
Skills Mapping
Internal and external skills mapping datasets analysed 
Skills Profiles
Individual skills audit profiles created and counting 
Our Reach
Global skills mapping at an individual level.
Attrition Reduced
by 20%
Build future critical skills and inclusion
There are a lot of so-called “skills platforms” online today. Most of these solutions require you to be a data analyst to be able to extract the key information to build critical future skills and lack inclusive skills matching for internal hiring. Now that the world is your office and marketplace, having your existing and new skills data on your own customised global dashboard is a game changer and gives the competitive edge for any HR division. 

the power is in the platform

Most Leaders accept that attrition will rise in this new world, that there will be a war for talent and skill shortages will be a constant challenge. This is an extremely-stressful place to be and in many cases results in unfilled roles, rising resignations and the enterprise objectives being missed.

We have taken our 50 years of skills data mapping and matching experience and analysed the HR Technologies that were built pre-pandemic and applied a simple logic. How can we visualise existing and new skills data, apply machine learning to predict future needs and impact reskilling programmes? Furthermore, how can we enable a more inclusive internal skills matching process to reverse attrition and provide global skills data to support future investments?

Get ready to revolutionise your skills data mapping and matching with Abodoo
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We have researched the best enterprises in the world and combined the top 5 methods in how they are dramatically lowering attrition and doing next level engagement. 
You get actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically impact increasing most cases with little investment

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Abodoo actually do?

We provide the skills mapping and matching platform that gives you the real time skills audit, predictive analysis on future skills and gaps with an inclusive internal skills matching ecosystem to support internal hiring. 

How do I know that I will get a return on my investment

Simple.. measure your attrition level before Abodoo and then after and see it decrease rapidly as you now have the insights to reskill, redeploy and hire globally. 

Why is Abodoo the best solution for lowering attrition 

Having dynamic internal and external skills data visualised on a global skills map provides HR the insights for people planning, learning & development, the intelligence for curriculum development, effective reskilling and finally provides C Suite with the information for global investment. The internal inclusive skills matching supports diversity and inclusion, and lowers external recruitment costs. When people feel invested in and offered career growth based on skills matching with no bias they thrive. 

Does Abodoo integrate with HR Technology or our ATS?


Do you work with big or small companies 

Our technology best serves enterprise 

Can you guarantee results

Sure we have such faith in our skills platform we offer a 100% guarantee. 

What we’re saying is that to reduce attrition, develop a more skilled and engaged workforce you simply need to  

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We take pride in bringing you the most relevant information and skills that your organisation needs to ensure happiness of workers, productivity and planning. We recognise and enable the human potential.
 We are truly committed to providing inclusive HR Technology that supports employee experience, engagement and future skills in this new world of work, learning and opportunities.
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About us

Abodoo was founded with People at its heart. Our business purpose is to provide your organisation with skills data intelligence, ensuring that everyone is equipped with the skills, knowledge and help they need to thrive in the new world of work.


Our mission is to provide companies with the critical skills data intelligence and solutions to create a hybrid work environment that promotes engagement, where people no matter their geography feel connected to the culture, are supported through effective up-skilling and greater diversity is achieved through inclusivity skills matching. Our dream is to leave no one behind and to use our resources to empower every organisation we work with to enable equal opportunities.


We ensure all our decision making aligns with our values:

People First: as a human centric company we ensure equality and diversity are at our core.

Power in Potential: with the right support and guidance we unleash your worker's superpowers.

Prepare for Green: sustainability is at our core and measuring an organisations ESG through mapping

Profit after happiness:  when you love what you do you will never work another day

Passion for our world: helping others to see the impact we can make collectively

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What People Say About Abodoo

"The time is exactly right to bring together SmartWorking for corporates globally and a new and modern workforce that want to work very differently" Denis Creighton CEO Managed Business Solutions & Outsourcing at Fexco

Denis Creighton - CEO Managed Business Solutions

John Riordan

"Super Charge Your Remote Working opportunities With Abodoo and see instant results"

“I was amazed at how quickly we saw results. I would absolutely use Abodoo again”

David Booker, CEO

"So easy to use! Registered, uploaded the job and received ten instant matches - hired two! I cannot recommend Abodoo highly enough"

Mark Herbert

"So easy to use! Registered, uploaded the job and received ten instant matches - hired two! I cannot recommend Abo"Not only did we discover a wealth of untapped talent, we also gained valuable insights into professionals living in our area"doo highly enough"

Tony Larkin - Council Director

“Traditional sourcing channels don’t lend themselves to the complexity and variables across location, connectivity speed and candidate expectations. Abodoo’s SmartWorking Tech platform means candidates registering are right for our client from the outset”

Polly Evans - Senior Recruitment Manager

"The landscape is most definitely changing, its becoming a more flexible workplace, people don't want to spend two hours in traffic everyday"

Margot Slattery - Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer


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March 1st 2022

Abodoo Limited becomes the first Irish company to be chosen by the European Commission for its Start-Up Villages Initiative

Abodoo today announced that after a rigorous application and selection process, they have become the first Irish company to be chosen by the European Commission to work alongside small villages in mapping skills and talent in their regions; the ultimate goal being to encourage the regeneration of small villages and towns across the European Union.

Abodoo will work alongside an initial 24 villages in 2022 helping them to attract remote workers, investment and sustainable jobs in this new world of work and opportunity. This will involve not only skills and talent mapping but Abodoo will also work with each of the villages to promote regional rebalancing, retain and attract skills and help each of these rural areas reach their full potential whilst also aligning with the concepts supported by the European Commission.

The opportunity to work with small villages comes in the form of a pledge – a commitment provided by Abodoo that eliminates many of the barriers which have traditionally been in place for small villages when looking at rural regeneration. All European villages will have the chance to work with Abodoo should they meet the criteria set out by the European Commission.

Vanessa Tierney, CEO and Co-founder of Abodoo stated at today’s announcement that “we are so delighted to have been chosen by the European Commission as one of the pledges for their Start-Up Village initiative. This is testament to the belief they have in us and the solutions we provide. It has been a long journey to get here and I would like to say a special thank you to all those who supported us over the past 18 months. We cannot wait to get started!”

It was on 30 June 2021, that the European Commission set out their long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas over the next two decades. It identified a number of areas of action towards stronger, connected, resilient and prosperous rural areas and communities by 2040

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth commented at the time “I see the pledges as a main channel to gather commitment from public and especially from private organizations for Start-up Villages. They will be important to build a real long-term vision for rural areas, anchored in the territories.”

Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President for Demography and Democracy, European Commission also added, “It is a reflection of the importance that the Commission attaches to supporting rural areas, because it is in rural areas that the demographic transition is most visible. Through the Start-up Village Forum we want the best and brightest of Europe to remain in these and contribute to building prosperity as they grow their start-up companies to real long term drivers of our economy, all while using the natural potential of Europe’s rural areas.”

Further information on the European Commission’s Start-Up Village initiative is available at

More information on Abodoo’s pledge to Europe’s small villages is available here

Further information on Abodoo is available at

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Press Contact:

Fiona Whelan
Chief Marketing Officer